Member Resources

The Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild is proud to provide resources to make our members’ operations more successful and safe.

Safety Packet

Breweries are inherently dangerous spaces. We work with heavy machinery, high-temperature liquids, corrosive chemicals, and pressurized vessels, just to name a few common hazards. It is in the interest of everyone in our industry to foster a safe work environment. It’s also the law. The hazards inherent in what we do cannot be entirely eliminated, but we can work to reduce the risk and exposure through awareness, engineering, and training.

To that end, the MNCBG Safety Committee has assembled this packet as a benefit to Guild members. It is not intended to be a turn-key safety solution: you’re still going to have to apply the information to your facility. What we have tried to pull together is a list of brewery safety issues and where to find resources that will help you to know what is expected from a regulatory standpoint and from a best-practices mindset.

Download: PDF | Microsoft Word

AWAIR Program

AWAIR is a Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction program required my MN OSHA and is a cornerstone of any safety program in the State of MN. The templates below give a brewery a good starting point for building their AWAIR program.

Download: PDF | Microsoft Word

Best Management Practice for the Management of Confined Spaces in Breweries

This is a best practice guide put together by the Brewers Association Safety Committee. Our breweries are inherently filled with confined spaces due to the nature of our production processes.

Download: PDF