Land of 10,000 Beers

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild (MNCBG) is proud to announce the fourth year of the ‘Land of 10,000 Beers’ Craft Beer Hall exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair from Thursday, August 27, until Monday, September 7, 2015.

Housed in the Agriculture/Horticulture building, the exhibit will showcase the best of Minnesota’s craft beer industry and detail the brewing process all the way from the farm to the pint glass. It’ll tell the history of beer culture in Minnesota and highlight our state as a ‘brew-cation destination.’ There’s a root beer section for kids, a ‘brew deck’ stage for daily speakers and craft beer on tap from 30+ Minnesota breweries.

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, created in 2000, is now more than 120 members strong including more than 75 breweries and brewpubs. In 2013, American craft brewers sold 15.6 million barrels of beer, or more than 3.9 billion pints. There are now 2,769 working craft breweries and brewpubs in the United States, more than at any time since the late 1880s. The American craft beer revolution is both a national and statewide movement. The State Fair ‘Land of 10,000 Beers’ Craft Beer Hall celebrates this.

There will be four “style” flights pouring throughout the fair: Hoppy, Dark, Light and Belgian. There will also be two “grab bag” flights with an ever-changing rotation of beers from Minnesota breweries.

In addition, this year the Land of 10,000 Beers exhibit will feature Firkin Fridays and Speciality Weekends with limited edition beers (casks, barrel aged styles, etc). Come visit to see what’s pouring! 

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2015 Presentation Schedule and Brewery List Coming Soon!