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Craft breweries have grown in the U.S. exponentially and we’re proud to be standing tall in the crowd of talented breweries. Your beer drinking taste demands bigger flavors and more variety.

What makes Gull Dam Brewing’s hand crafted beer better?

First, the most important ingredient in brewing beer: WATER. Unlike most breweries using chemically treated city tap water, Gull Dam Brewing uses pure well water from the deep underground aquifers near Gull Lake.

Second, each Gull Dam brew has some locally harvested Minnesota ingredients; from hops and honey, to maple syrup and hemp seeds.

Finally, while other breweries filter their beer to increase clarity, Gull Dam Beer remains unfiltered, start to finish. Filtering may help a beer look pretty, but the unfortunate consequence is major flavor reduction. Gull Dam Brewing has a method of processing beer without using filters, yet beholding to delicious flavor and amazing color and clarity. (Which is why we drink hand crafted beer in the first place, right?)

23836 Smiley Road
Nisswa, MN 56468

(218) 963-2739