Our Diversity in Brewing scholarship has been supporting students in the  Dakota County Technical College‘s Brewing and Beer Steward Technology Certificate Program since 2020. The goal of this scholarship is to:

  • actively contribute to a brewing industry that reflects the diversity of our great state, and
  • to support the educational goals of people who are currently under-represented in our industry by eliminating financial barriers.

This scholarship is intended for underrepresented students including those identifying as an ethnic and/or racial minority, veterans, women, and members of the LBGTQ+ community with financial need..

Applications are currently closed. Please check back early next year for Fall 2024 applications.

>> Apply through the DCTC Scholarships page
>> Learn more about the Brewing & Beer Steward Technology program

Scholarships range from $500-$1,000, and multiple Diversity In Brewing scholarships are available each semester.

“To receive a Diversity in Brewing Scholarship as a veteran means a lot to me… It’s a true joy to have the opportunity to follow my heart and passions and begin a career change into the MN Craft Brewing industry with the help of DCTC and the MNCBG. Thank you for supporting me and supporting my dreams.”
P.M. (2022 recipient)

“I am so grateful to be selected to receive this scholarship. It will help me very much with the costs of going to school. I plan to use my certification to be the first female brewer assistant at [Brewery Redacted] after graduating… Hopefully someday you will be able to see my creations in a cooler near you!”
B.H. (2021 recipient)

The Guild began fundraising for the Diversity in Brewing Scholarship in spring 2020 as a way to support a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive craft beer industry in Minnesota. Initially funded through Guild member donations and the Guild’s 2020 July Shop proceeds, the scholarship fund is now sustained by donations and 10% of proceeds from the sale of our Pride Logo t-shirt. Individuals and businesses are welcome to donate using the form below. NOTE: The MNCBG is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, but donations to our organization are NOT tax-deductible.