Breweries & Brewpubs

For Minnesota breweries and brewpubs with a majority interest in a brewing facility, that has a TTB Brewer’s Notice and is producing beer for customers.

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Membership for all types of MN breweries and brewpubs!

  • Regular Members: A brewing organization that brews common brands, names and formulas at a brewing facility in MN which it owns a majority interest in the company of which dues are paid.  The member must hold a TTB issued Brewer’s Notice. The brewery must qualify for the Federal Excise Tax exemption applicable to brewers producing no more than 2 million barrels a year.
  • Associate Member: A contract brewing organization or minority alternating proprietorship that has beer produced at a brewing facility in Minnesota.
  • Breweries/Brewpubs in Planning: A discount membership for breweries and brewpubs that haven’t opened yet!

Are you a non-beer beverage producer? We have memberships for you too!

  • Non-Beer Beverage Producer Membership: A membership for businesses producing cider, kombucha, tea, etc. Please see our Allied Trade Member application for more information.

You’re in good company!

More than 80% of MN’s craft breweries and brewpubs are members of the Guild. View a list of current MNCBG Brewery & Brewpub Members here!

Allied Trade Businesses

For businesses that provide products, services, or other value to the craft beer industry.

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