Drink Local FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for SF3008 (2022)

What is SF3008

SF3008 is a bipartisan liquor bill signed into law in May 2022. SF3008 creates more modern liquor laws in Minnesota that benefit many small businesses, communities, and consumers. This bill was the result of multiple years of activism from across the craft beverage industry and customer base; it benefits nearly every craft brewery in the state by improving their ability to sell beer-to-go from their taprooms.

12, 16, and 32oz Vessels (“Cans” and “Four and Six Packs”)

Minnesota used to be the only state in our region that prohibited breweries from selling their beer-to-go in standard 12, 16, and 32oz cans. This new law allows most MN breweries to sell a limited amount of to-go beer in new vessels (such as these common can sizes) in addition to the existing unlimited supply of growlers and crowlers. Breweries can only sell 128oz of beer in these new sizes to an individual per day. 

Who Can Sell Cans from Their Taproom?

The best thing to do is check with each brewery to find out how they sell their beer-to-go because this is a complicated question! The law allows a brewery that produces under 7,500 barrels per year to sell in these new vessels. Some breweries that produce more than this number (up to 13,500) will be ‘grandfathered in’ and allowed to sell for a while. Once they grow past a certain annual production, they will have to stop selling these new sizes. 

Some breweries already can their beer, and will likely be able to sell you a 4 or 6 pack soon. But some breweries do not can their beer yet, or may not want to sell cans, so may not have beer-to-go available in these new sizes.

What Does the 128oz Limit Mean?

The allowance for new vessel sizes (like a 12oz can) includes a 128oz per person, per day, limit. This limit ONLY applies to beer sold to customers in new sizes. This limit DOES NOT apply to purchases of crowlers or growlers. While the Guild would like to see the 128oz limit removed, gaining any access to new vessel sizes is a huge win this year. This new law will allow small businesses the flexibility they need to decide the best container for their business, customers, and product. 


Previously, once a MN brewery produced 20,000 barrels of beer per year, it lost its right to sell growlers/crowlers. This limitation stifled small business growth and punished success, and Minnesota was one of the only states with this type of restriction. Now, all MN craft breweries are allowed to sell growlers/crowlers if they produce less than 150,000 barrels of beer/year, which means ALL MN craft breweries can sell growlers/crowlers again!

What About Brewpubs?

In Minnesota, brewpubs and breweries are regulated in different ways by different laws. Unfortunately, SF3008 does not apply to brewpubs, and they cannot self-distribute or sell 4/6 packs of their beer to customers.  It is the Guild’s priority to loosen restrictions on these important small businesses in the future.

What Are the Impacts of these Changes for Breweries?

Greater Consumer Choice: Consumers now have more options for taking home MN craft beer from a taproom. Whether their concern is shelf-life, shareability, responsible consumption, or just preference—customers now have the option of stopping by a Minnesota taproom and grabbing a growler, crowler, 12oz, 16oz, or 32oz straight from the source!

Flexibility for Breweries: MN’s past restrictive laws prevented breweries from adapting to the pandemic, supply chain issues, and materials shortages. By allowing breweries to provide their beer to customers in a variety of vessels (growlers, crowlers, and new can sizes), these new laws help small businesses react to unexpected changes, meet the needs of their customers, and provide their product in a way that makes sense for them.