Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Best Gifts for Minnesota Craft Beer Lovers

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s the perfect time to shop local! Here at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, we see the impact that breweries and brewpubs have on their communities. Brewers, beertenders, packagers, marketers, accountants, and every employee is a neighbor or a friend – and so are the folks who stop by to drink fresh Minnesotan craft beer!

So what do you buy the beer-lover who knows all the local breweries? We have a few ideas below. And, in the spirit of the season, we’re offering 20% off any order from the MNCBG shop with code HOLIDAYCHEERS23 until December 31! All proceeds from our shop support our non-profit mission to promote, protect, and grow a robust Minnesota craft brewing industry.

Here are some great gift ideas for friends and family who love Minnesota craft beer:

Gift Cards to their Favorite Brewery

If you’re buying gifts for a loved one this season, we encourage you to shop at the breweries or brewpubs they love to grab merchandise, beer-to-go, or a gift card. This is a never-go-wrong option!

If you’re not sure what their favorite brewery is, you could also choose:

  • A brewery in a town you know they’re going to visit this year
  • A brewery they’ve been talking about but never tried
  • A brewery that had an award-winning beer in 2023
  • A brewery near them (or near you!)

Use our Find a Brewery map to explore breweries around our state to find one that would be a great fit!

Beer-Related Stocking Stuffers

These items are all under $10 and are the perfect addition to holiday stockings or as smaller individual gifts.

  • Taster Coozie Lanyard: New this year! This is a great gift for anyone who loves attending beer festivals. The coozie holds the small sample glasses they receive at beer festivals, and the lanyard goes around their neck so they’ll never drop the glass.
  • 2023 Brewery Map: This map shows all 185+ members of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, so no matter where they are in the state, they will always know where to find the closest fresh pint!
  • Sticker Sheet: Five stickers, all promoting Minnesota craft beer. Each sticker is roughly 1″ in size and is great for water bottles, laptops, or notebooks.
  • MNCBG Patch: Perfect for attaching to flannels, backpacks, and more!

T-Shirts and Other Apparel

If they want something that proclaims their love of MN craft beer throughout the year, apparel is a great gift!

From Grain to Glass

Beer Posters for Display

Buy a poster from us and a frame from elsewhere, and voila! A simple but nice gift for anyone who loves Minnesota and craft beer. We sell two different options:


Donations On Their Behalf

For the Politically-Minded MN Craft Beer Lover

Is your friend really into local politics? Have they ever stopped talking about Sunday alcohol sales? Do they wonder aloud why our state alcohol laws differ from those around us? On their behalf, donate to the MN Craft Beer PAC, a political action committee that works to protect and support Minnesota’s craft breweries and their rights and to pass common-sense, modern legislation.

Bonus: Depending on your donation amount, the PAC will send you a “MN Craft Beer Hero” item that you can keep or add to your gift!

For The MN Craft Beer Lover Who Wants a More Diverse Industry

There are some great organizations pushing for an industry that is welcome to all! We highly recommend donating, particularly to ones that are local.

  • Brewing Change Collaborative – This Minnesota-based non-profit organization works to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion for people of color in the brewing and beverage industries. You can donate here.
  • Infinite Ingredient – This local 501c3 organization supports the mental and physical well-being of individuals working in the craft beverage industry. Donate here.
  • One national organization is the Pink Boots Society, which highlights women and non-binary people in brewing. Donate here.

Save Money on MN Craft Beer Gifts!

We hope this list has inspired you to shop local and has given you some good ideas to work with this holiday season.

As a reminder, if you order from the MNCBG Shop, use code HOLIDAYCHEERS23 and save 20% on all items – plus, get free shipping with orders over $50.

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