Hoops Brewing

The Hoops Brewing Company was established in 2015 by owner Dave Hoops. After 25 years as a ground-breaking craft brewer in 3 states, Hoops knew it was time to realize his dream: Hoops Brewing in Duluth, MN. Finding the right space was a critical key to achieving this, and the stars aligned with a chance meeting with the owners of the historic Marshall Wells Building, built in 1889, at 325 S Lake Avenue in Duluth’s Canal Park. The owners were looking for a local business to take over the large 10,000 square foot space. It was a perfect fit for Hoops’ vision, not only for the brewery and beer hall but also the location very near the beloved Lake Superior – for its beauty and for its pristine water for the beer.

325 S Lake Ave #110
Duluth, MN 55804

(218) 606-1666