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November 25-27

Join fellow breweries from around the state in celebrating local craft beer during MN Pint Day! This year will actually be MN Pint Weekend – mark your calendars for November 25-27, 2022, for Black Friday Weekend and Small Brewery Sunday. This project is designed to be a promotional and revenue-generating opportunity for your businesses. Craft beer fans will be encouraged to visit their favorite local taprooms all across Minnesota to get their exclusive pint and take advantage of related specials or activities (determined by your business).

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What Is It?

MN Pint Day is a revenue and promotion opportunity for breweries and brewpubs, and a fundraiser for the Guild. MN Pint Day invites craft beer fans to visit their favorite local taprooms all across Minnesota on the same day. They can get an exclusive pint glass and take advantage of custom specials at your business.

2022 Timeline

  • August-September: Artwork submissions open.
  • September-October: Glassware orders open.
  • November 4: Share your promotion details by this date to be included in our marketing.
  • November 7-10 Glassware shipment.
  • November 25-27: MN Pint Day Weekend!

How Does It Work?

  1. Pint is created. The Guild creates the official glass using member-submitted artwork; thank you Marcus Paulsen for this year’s art!
  2. Members order pints (orders were due by Oct 17).  Ship directly to your business, or choose from our 6 regional shipping hubs for cost savings.
  3. Plan your unique MN Pint Day! Choose what promotion, event, or glassware deal you’ll use to draw customers to your taproom. These glasses are yours, so you can do any promotion you like!
  4. Share your promotion plan for additional marketing. Plans were due to the Guild by November 4; please email Executive Director Jess Talley by November 21 if you need to make a change or update.
  5. Promote your MN Pint Day. The Guild will provide graphics and materials, along with press support, to help promote Minnesota Pint Day to customers around the state. Whether you celebrate YOUR Pint Day promotions on Black Friday weekend or for a full month after, you’ll still be included in all of our press and promo efforts!
  6. Profit! Sell glasses starting November 25-27 (Black Friday weekend). All proceeds raised by you from your MN Pint Day sales stay with your brewery. Grandstand will donate one dollar of each pint ordered to the Guild.

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The Guild Can Help You Promote!

MN Pint Day 2022 Map
Share the Map!
Pint Day promotions for the map were due to the Guild on November 4. If you need to make a change or update to the map, please email Executive Director Jess Talley by November 21.

The Guild began promoting the project to the press in October, and is running radio, Facebook, and Instagram advertisements through the month of November. We’re also promoting to press, influencers, MNthusiasts, and our extensive list of festival/customer contacts. However, the majority of your customers will likely be from your local community while they are out celebrating Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, so be sure to do your own local promotion too!

Post About MN Pint Day
Let your fans know what promotions you’re doing! If you tag us or use #MNPintDay, we will share it with our fans too. Promotional photos with the glassware, like these posts from 2021, are excellent!

It’s never too early to start promoting your promotions and deals. Here are a few “Save the Date” and generic Pint Day posts for you to share with your fans. Remember to highlight your deals and specials!

Stories (1)
Stories (2)

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We are excited to announce that the art submitted by Marcus Paulsen, of Lupulin Brewing Company and Big MP Design, was selected for this year’s pint glass!

Marcus is the recipient of nine CBMA Crushie awards, including a Global Crushie for B.A.M. Nectar. He was selected by committee vote to design the commemorative beer art for CBC 2022 and was awarded Best Art & Design by member vote at the MN Brewer’s Cup in 2019 and 2021. We are thrilled to feature Marcus’ artwork on MN Pint Day glassware for craft beer fans throughout the state to enjoy. Thank you Marcus and everyone who submitted art.

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Answers to FAQs

Why did we start doing MN Pint Day?
The Guild is always looking for new ways to help promote Minnesota craft beer, build the craft beer community, and help members generate revenue and press. Pint Days like this have been successful in numerous other states, and our inaugural MN Pint Day (December 2021) was highly successful for participating breweries and brewpubs.

How many glasses should I order?
This is entirely up to you! Do what works for your budget, customer engagement, and promotion plan. Last year, the average was 5 cases, with orders as low as 1 case and as high as 17 cases. Several members commented on how quickly their pints went, and most participants indicated they would order more this year.

How can I save money on shipping?
When you ordered your glassware, you could choose to have glasses shipped directly to you or to one of 6 regional Hubs. If you chose a regional Hub, your shipment will be combined with other area Pint Day glasses, and the group will collectively save on shipping.

The minimum order is 72 glasses. What if I don’t need that many but still want to participate?
Orders can be split with other breweries/brewpubs.

What kinds of promotions can we do?
You can do any promotion you like – once the glasses are purchased, the rest is up to you, and all proceeds will stay with your business! If you need some help, here are some popular promotions from last year’s MN Pint Day:

  • Purchase Pint Glass Alone: $6-8
  • Purchase Pint Glass w/ fill: $8-12
  • Spend $50 in the taproom and get a glass free
  • $1 off all Pint pours in your glass, even if you got it at a different brewery
  • 1/2 off a pint/ BOGO beers if you buy the glass
  • Paired with a fundraiser (bring a can of food, get a pint glass for $5, etc.)
  • Holiday Gift specials (pair of pint glasses, a growler, and merch)

Does this help the Guild?
Yes! Grandstand will donate $1 from every pint purchased to the Guild, and that money will go towards advocacy, scholarships, and other Guild services to members.

Thank You to Grandstand for partnering with us on MN Pint Day!

Please note: The only legitimate communications about MN Pint Day will come directly from the Guild. Occasionally, scammers will find event brewery lists and send phishing emails to breweries posing as the organizer or a related third-party. If you see one of these emails, DO NOT click or reply.

The Guild never sells brewery or attendee contact information to any party.