Surly Brewing Company

Fueled by the frustration to find enough good craft beer, Omar Ansari decided to convert his parents’ abrasives factory into a brewery in 2004. He called it Surly Brewing. With the help of accomplished local brewer Todd Haug, Surly brewed its first beer in 2006 and was named the country’s best brewery by BeerAdvocate a year later. From the start, the Twin Cities-based craft brewery has trailblazed the path for the craft beer movement, led by Surly’s efforts to change a Prohibition-era law to allow Minnesota breweries to sell pints of their own beer at their brewery. Thanks to the support of thirsty thousands advocating for the law change, the Surly Bill was signed into law in 2011 — giving Surly the go-ahead to build its $34 million Destination Brewery. The Minneapolis venue opened in 2014 and features a full-service Beer Hall, Beer Garden, events center and a nationally acclaimed finer dining restaurant, Brewer’s Table. Now a decade after the first keg was sold, Surly is among the largest and most popular breweries in the Midwest — pouring all over Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Chicago. Surly’s philosophy? Really, it’s better poured than spoken or written — so, Get Surly.

520 Malcolm Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

(763) 999-4040

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