Tell Your Legislators That You Care About MN Craft Beer!

Taking action is simple.

We need your help to secure regulatory relief for Minnesota’s breweries. Legislators respond best to their own constituents so take some time to let them know you care about craft beer and want to see them take action. Breweries are running low on crowler and growler supplies. Many have noted that they will not have new items in stock until mid-June at the earliest.

  • Find who represents you in the MN House of Representatives and MN Senate. Input your home address here and then click the contact buttons for your Representative and Senator.
  • Call their office or send them an email. We’ve written most of the email for you! Fill in why you love MN craft beer and why it is important to you and your community.


My name is [INSERT NAME] I am [WRITING/CALLING] to ask for your support Minnesota’s craft breweries during the coronavirus pandemic. Breweries are struggling to obtain crowlers and growlers due to supply-chain delays and back-orders. Unfortunately, with limited access to these items, they could face a more immediate closure.

Please vote yes to HF 4640. You can help breweries survive by temporarily allowing breweries to sell the inventory they have on hand in 12 or 16oz cans if available. This could help move product from breweries before it spoils and free up the supply chain so breweries without equipment to sell in these vessel sizes may have more supply chain access. Breweries have indicated that they may be unable to secure crowlers/growlers until at least mid-June, potentially preventing them from selling any beer at all. These temporary changes could help breweries stay afloat until they are able to reopen.

Please consider supporting these hard-working members of our communities by voting yes to HF 4640. Please help ensure breweries will be around when the pandemic ends and we can all enjoy a local craft beer together.

I appreciate your ongoing support of Minnesota’s craft breweries.

Thank you for supporting a strong
Minnesota craft beer industry! We appreciate it!

Have questions about our legislative agenda?
Review what’s important to MN craft breweries on our policy page.