Tell Your Legislators That You Care About MN Craft Beer!

Taking action is simple.

We need your help to ensure Minnesota craft beer continues to create thrive in Minnesota. Legislators respond best to their own constituents so take some time to let them know you care about craft beer and want to see them take action.

  • Find who represents you in the MN House of Representatives and MN Senate. Input your home address here and then click the contact buttons for your Representative and Senator.
  • Call their office or send them an email. We’ve written most of the email for you! Fill in why you love MN craft beer and why it is important to you and your community.

My name is _______ and I live in your district in [City]. I’m reaching out because I care about the future of craft beer in Minnesota and believe we need to improve our laws so that consumers can get the products they want and businesses can continue to grow.
I care about this issue because…

[Here’s where you say something about why this is meaningful to you personally. Legislators are wary of a bunch of emails that look like they were copy/pasted so take some time to think of a sentence or two about why this impacts you.
Some ideas may include because you want to buy beer in a variety of formats, you know someone who works in the craft beer industry and care about their livelihood, you have a local brewery you want to support so they can keep growing, etc. It doesn’t have to be a novel, just unique to you!]

Thanks for listening,

Address (they will verify that you’re a constituent)

Thank you for you doing your part to support a strong
Minnesota craft beer industry! We appreciate it!

Have questions about our legislative agenda?
Review what’s important to MN craft breweries on our policy page.