Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 12pm (noon)

How to Participate: 

  1. Prepare Your Social Post: See below for images, links, and copy.
  2. Make Time to Post: Assign a staff member to post (or schedule) your messages for 12pm (noon) on Tuesday, March 22.
  3. On the Day: Post your message to fans on social, and have one staff leader follow this link to send a quick, easy email to the legislators in your district.


Last year, our Online Days of Action resulted in thousands of emails sent to legislators and multiple new legislators signing on to our bill. The most important thing is for legislators to hear from YOU!

>> Click Here to Email Your Legislators and Ask for a Meeting


Craft your own message to your customers, but end it with a call to action like the ones below.

…..As fans of craft beer, you know that Minnesota has some of the worst liquor laws in the country. Today, we’re asking for your help to make sure that all of MN’s legislators know it, too. Visit to send a quick message to your legislators letting them know that it’s past time for change. It only takes a few minutes, and means a lot to us! #MNLeg #DrinkLocalMN

…The cost of one crowler has increased 30% in the past month for some brewers, and yet it’s one of the only packages that we’re allowed to sell you in our taprooms! Visit and tell your legislators MN can’t afford any more time living in the past. #MNLeg #DrinkLocalMN 

… MN Craft Breweries aren’t asking for a handout, we’re simply asking for our hands to be untied. Visit and tell your legislators to give your local brewer a fighting chance. #MNLeg #DrinkLocal

…. It’s time for legislators to make Minnesota a state that supports, rather than stifles, small businesses like ours. Do you agree? Then please take a few minutes to send a message to your legislators today! Visit for a quick and easy way to message all of your legislators at once. #MNLeg #DrinkLocalMN

…Have you ever bought a 6-pack from a brewery in a neighboring state and wondered why you can’t do that here? It’s because MN has some of the strictest liquor laws in the country. You can help us do better— visit to contact your legislators! #MNLeg #DrinkLocalMN

…Do you think it’s okay that a handful of Minnesota breweries can’t sell you a growler? We don’t. And if you don’t either, visit to tell your legislators to update our outdated liquor laws! #MNLeg #DrinkLocalMN