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Sample Social Posts

  • We want more options for #MNCraftBeer fans! Help us support changes by asking legislators to say yes today! —Visit CRAFTBEERLAWS.ORG to send an email! #MNLeg #CraftMNBeerLaws
  • We just talked to @LEGISLATOR about supporting Responsible Consumption Choices. Help us make more responsible packaging, like 4/6 packs, available at taprooms! Ask legislators to say yes today! #MNLeg #CraftMNBeerLaws
  • Visit CRAFTBEERLAWS.ORG to learn about more consumer choice in #MNCraftBeer. Call your legislators now to say yes to #ResponsibleConsumptionChoices #MNLeg #CraftMNBeerLaws
  • #MNLeg needs to craft #CraftMNBeerLaws. Support modernizing #MNCraftBeer. Call your legislators now to say yes to the #ResponsibleConsumptionChoices

Introduction to Our Legislative Agenda Sample Email/Blog

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Brewery Fans!

The 2020 Minneapolis Legislative Session officially began on February 11, and with it comes some exciting news for Minnesota craft beer fans. The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild (MNCBG) has introduced The Responsible Consumption Choice Bill, which would allow breweries and brewpubs to to sell beer in 12oz, 16oz, 750ml, and 64oz containers!

[What would this mean for your brewery and your consumers?]

Over the next few months, we will be working together with more than 150 Minnesota breweries and brewpubs to get this legislation passed. We need all supporters of Minnesota craft beer to raise their voices in support of modernizing Minnesota craft beer law! Learn more about our goals, and get involved at: www.craftbeerlaws.org!

Downloads and Links

Sample Email/Phone Script for Fans/Staff to Contact Their Legislators

Encourage your customers and staff to email or call their legislators to show their support for our bills. Instructions below can be included on blogs, websites, social media, or in email blasts to your fans.

    • Find who represents you in the MN House of Representatives and MN Senate. Input your home address here and then click the contact buttons for your Representative and Senator.
    • Call their office or send them an email. We’ve written a sample script below! Fill in why you love MN craft beer and why it is important to you and your community.

My name is _______ and I live in your district in [City]. I’m reaching out because I care about the future of craft beer in Minnesota and believe we need to improve our laws so that consumers can get the products they want and businesses can continue to grow.

I care about this issue because…[In this section, say why this is personally meaningful to you, example: because you want to buy beer in a variety of formats, you know someone who works in the craft beer industry and care about their livelihood, you have a local brewery you want to support so they can keep growing, etc.]

Thanks for listening,

Address (they will verify that you’re a constituent)

Build Momentum: Your Staff

Sample Script for Taproom Staff

Make sure your staff can explain our goals to curious customers.

“There are 150+ MN breweries working together to modernize MN craft beer laws. Our goals are to make it so:

  1. All breweries, of all sizes, can sell takeaway beers in the packaging sizes they choose. This means breweries could sell 4-6 packs out the door AND there would be no more growler caps restricting larger breweries.
  2. Two breweries that collaborate on a beer can BOTH sell that beer in their taproom.

Right now, these changes are prohibited by outdated Minnesota laws. Craft beer fans can help us change these laws by emailing or calling their legislators and showing support. You can visit wwww.craftbeerlaws.org to send a quick email!

Staff Meeting to Contact Your Legislators

Guild breweries employ almost 16,000 Minnesotans. Make it easy for your staff to contribute their voice! Take 10 minutes at your next staff meeting to have everyone connect with their senators and representatives with the above script, or via the digital postcard at www.craftbeerlaws.org.

Invite Your Legislators to Your Taproom or Brewpub

See our resources on the right.

Build Momentum: Your Customers

Keep the Conversation Going All Session

  • If you are contacted by the press about legislative efforts at the capitol, encourage them to also connect with the MNCBG Executive Director, Lauren Bennett McGinty, for more information.
  • Share MNCBG posts about the legislative session on social, or create your own using the resources on this page.
  • Share updates in your blog, newsletter, or website.
  • Plan an event where customers can learn about MNCBG policy goals, connect with a local legislator, or do a collective phone call/email to legislators in your taproom. If you’d like more guidance on this, please email Jess.