The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial values in our society, and we know that there is ongoing work to be done within Minnesota’s craft brewing industry to live up to these values. We are committed to working alongside members of our community and using our organizational power to act as a resource and a leader in creating a craft beer industry that reflects the diversity of our great state.

Creating meaningful and lasting change in our industry is an ongoing process; some of our past and current activities are listed below. We will update this space regularly as part of our commitment to transparency and accountability. We want to thank the brewery and brewpub staff who have helped make these initiatives possible.

  • The MNCBG’s commitment to foster an industry free of systemic inequality and bigotry is reflected in our Organizational Values, Bylaws, and Code of Conduct for members and staff.
  • The Guild administers the Diversity in Brewing Scholarship, a scholarship to aid those who are underrepresented in the brewing industry gain training and credentials. The goal of this scholarship fund is to actively contribute to a brewing industry that reflects the diversity of our great state. Member breweries, Allied Trade Members, and craft beer fans are the primary donors to this scholarship, which is also funded by some proceeds from our online shop. The scholarship was founded in late 2019; scholarship giving began in fall 2020. Additional spring and fall professional development scholarships are open every year to any staff of a member brewery.
  • Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee provides feedback and direction to the Guild’s DEI activities and resources, and also holds the MNCBG accountable in DEI efforts on behalf of MNCBG member breweries, their employees, industry stakeholders, and craft fans alike. The DEI Committee Charter was approved in late 2020, began service in summer 2021, and provides ongoing support and coordinates trainings and resources for members.

Members, please see resources available for businesses and employees on the Member Benefit Site or the Brewers Association site. If you have any questions about the above initiatives, please email us.

Updated August 2022