The Minnesota Craft Beer Innovation and Growth bill package will eliminate unnecessary restrictions that are currently holding back businesses at every level of the beer supply chain and limiting consumers’ choices. Look up your representatives below and let them know that you want them to support MN Craft Beer!

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S.F. 1737 / H.F. 1802GROWLER CAP BILL

Authored by: Senator Housley
Co-authored by: Senators Pappas, Dziedzic, Benson, and Bakk

Authored by: Representative Loeffler
Co-authored by: Representatives Becker Finn, Nash, and Boe

Current MN law restricts breweries producing more than 20,000 barrels annually from selling growlers. Our bill would allow any brewery with a taproom to sell growlers.

Breweries will no longer have to choose between growth and sales.

Consumers will see uninterrupted access in choice from their favorite brands and visitors will be able to continue to contribute to Minnesota’s tourism economy.

Minnesota’s hospitality sector will grow and our state can become a beer tourism destination.

Read full Senate bill language here.


Authored by: Senator Osmek
Authored by: Representative Nash

Current MN law prevents breweries from selling off-sale beer in vessels under 750mL. Our bill would allow breweries meet consumer demand by selling beer in vessels sized 350mL to 2L (or 12oz to 67.6oz).

Breweries can invest in new packaging and provide consumers with more options for takeaway beers.

Consumers will have access to more shelf-stable beer in a smaller package size.

Liquor stores will have access to new products put into market as breweries begin to invest in new packaging.

Read full Senate bill language here.


Authored by: Senator Housely
Co-authored by: Senators Dziedzic and Pappas

Authored by: Representative Becker-Finn
Co-authored by: Representatives Zerwas and Nash

Currently, Minnesota breweries are restricted from having guest beers alongside their own brands in a taproom. However, breweries often innovate through collaboration with their peers. This law may stifle creativity and cooperation within the industry. Our bill would allow breweries to have collaboration guest taps as long as they consist of less than 20% of their taplines.

Breweries throughout the state will be able to truly collaborate with each other and promote cooperation and innovation in the industry.

Consumers will enjoy consistently-flavored products and a more choices when visiting their local taprooms.

Wholesalers will have an increased number of kegs sold in the market as collaborative beers will move through traditional distribution.

Read full Senate bill language here. 


Authored by: Senator Housely
Co-authored by: Senators Pappas, Dziedzic

Authored by: Representative Her
Co-authored by: Representatives Becker-Finn, Nash, Boe, Zerwas, and Olson

Currently, Minnesota law prohibits restaurants, bars, and liquor stores from filling growlers with beer for off-premise consumption, which restricts accessibility for consumers and retailers. Our bill gives consumers more access to their favorite breweries outside of a taproom and provides retailers more options for appealing to consumer demand.

Breweries will have more opportunities to sell products in a crowded marketplace.

Consumers will have access to beers that may not be put into large-scale production and the convenience of purchasing a growler from a local liquor store.

Restaurants/bars/liquor stores will be able to offer new products and gain new customers by selling a product only available on tap.

Wholesalers will have an increased number of kegs in the market.

Read full Senate bill language here.