Your local breweries need your support now more than ever! Remember to buy local when you are picking up beer—use our map to find out what options your favorite breweries are offering for beer-to-go.


We are also asking the Governor and the state legislature to help lift some existing laws to temporarily allow breweries to sell more beer from their breweries during this time. If you want to support local breweries and help these small businesses have a fighting chance, please contact your legislators TODAY! We have sent letters to both the Governor and the legislature to support these efforts:

  • Suspension of enforcement actions against breweries, bars, and restaurants unless based on a violation of the criminal code or food safety risk.
  • Authorization for any brewery that meets the statutory requirements for self-distribution to commence distribution even if they have not applied and/or yet been granted a wholesalers license.
  • Authorization for any brewery to retail beer in growlers, cans, or bottles for off-premise consumption regardless of whether they have applied for or received a retailers license from their municipality.
  • Authorization for any brewery to remotely sell and deliver beer in growlers, cans, or bottles directly to consumers regardless of local municipal rules and ordinances.
  • Authorization for bars and restaurants to sell growlers and growler refills for off-premise consumption.
  • Authorization for bars and restaurants to sell beer in growlers, cans, or bottles to-go or for delivery.
  • Ability to direct ship to consumers (e.g. through FedEx/UPS/USPS).

Other relief measures:

  • Suspend state excise taxes on beer
  • Suspend state payroll taxes
  • Continued help obtaining more no interest loans + deferred payments and grants
  • Release of lease/rent and utility payments for minimum 2 months
  • Prohibition on business evictions until three months after end of crisis
  • Creation of a small business crisis fund to issue stabilization grants


The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild’s legislative priorities will eliminate unnecessary restrictions that are currently holding back businesses at every level of the beer supply chain and limiting consumers’ choices.

We advocate for our ~150 MN Brewery members. Sign up below to join our efforts to advocate for MN Craft Beer!



Amend off-sale restrictions to allow breweries & brewpubs to sell up to 768 oz of beer per customer per day in any vessel size
or style for off-premise consumption, subject to the existing 750 barrel cap annual cap.

  • This is consistent with the intended purpose of allowing limited taproom and brewpub off-sales, which is to enable small breweries to directly market their products in order to build brand recognition and consumer demand.
  • It ensures that the beer marketed to consumers is packaged in a manner that ensures freshness and intended flavor at the point of consumption.
  • It responds to overwhelming consumer demand and expectations and is consistent with both national packaging trends and craft beer laws in other states.
  • It enables investment in canning and bottling infrastructure and, consequently, the capacity to enter distribution earlier and by smaller breweries.
  • It gives liquor stores access to continuously new products, which is what today’s retail beer consumers demand most.
  • It allows breweries to sell seasonal and experimental beers that are produced in quantities too limited for wholesale distribution.
  • It supports responsible consumption by allowing consumers to enjoy individual servings of beer without concern that the rest will go flat.


Allow breweries that collaborate together on the development of a beer to each sell the collaborative beer in their own taproom regardless of which brewery is the commercially production location as long as its less than 20% of their taplines.

  • This supports the development of new, innovative beers that are the driving force in the growth and success of craft breweries and the entire beer sector.
  • It will increase the volume of beer sold through wholesale distribution.
  • It will strengthen beer tourism in Minnesota as consumers from across the country visit and continue to return to our state to try their favorite breweries’ newest products.


Clarify statutory authorization for brew pubs to donate, deliver, and serve beer at tasting festivals hosted by non-profit organizations.

  • The existing statutory language provides this authorization clearly for breweries but is ambiguous with respect to brew pubs.  There is no public policy reason to exclude brew  pubs.