Festival Prep

everything Guild Members need to prepare for an MNCBG festival

Note: This page is for brewery and brewpub members to plan out preparations before beer festivals or other Guild events. If you are a member of the public looking for details on a festival, please see our Events page.

All Pints North Summer Beer Festival

All Pints North is our biggest fest and in 2022 was named Best Beer Festival in the Minnesota’s Best list by the Star Tribune‘s Reader’s Choice Awards program.

This festival is a great time to debut summer drinks and connect with new customers. APN features phenomenal views of Lake Superior, live music, food trucks, and local shops and artists. Check out our 2022 APN Facebook album to get a feel for the fest.

Please remember to bookmark this Festival Prep page. This page will be updated periodically as we approach the fest, so bookmark it now so you can find it easily!


Festival Basics

>> Event Website and Tickets
>> APN Facebook Event

Early Timeline for APN 2023
Because there is another festival in Duluth that weekend, and because events are returning to a more normal cadence, our timeline for APN started much earlier than it did in 2021 and 2022. Please note that APN tickets are already on sale (see our newsletters or the members-only Facebook page for the access code for discounted member tickets). Now is the time to book your hotel room if you haven’t already!

Other Registration and Participation Notes

  • You must be an active member for 2023 to pour at APN. If you aren’t, you can join or renew your membership here.
  • Please note: No THC will be allowed at All Pints North in 2023.
  • No Stipends for 2023: The Guild has not been able to offer stipends to participate in our festivals since 2019. We appreciate your support as we try to make up significant revenue losses from 2020/2021 and ensure the Guild can continue our work to protect, promote, and grow the MN craft beer industry.

First festival with the Guild? Please email us with any questions you have about participating! Email Events Coordinator Lindsey Darling at Lindsey@mncraftbrew.org.


Member Tickets

  • All participating breweries and brewpubs get 4 staff tickets for free.
  • For more staff tickets (whether you are pouring or just attending), members can purchase APN tickets for just $35.
  • The access code for the ticket will be sent out in member emails and in the member Facebook group. Note: The code is an access code that reveals hidden tickets. It is not a discount code.

We recommend buying additional staff tickets ASAP. Once we sell out of staff tickets, you will not be able to purchase more and will need to purchase General Admission tickets for any remaining staff.

NEW for 2023: Staff Bus Tickets – PURCHASE BY JUNE 14

In an attempt to ease travel difficulties and help breweries and brewpubs save costs on accommodations, the Guild is offering same-day bus transportation from the Twin Cities metro area to and from Duluth for the festival. (This bus is meant to move staff only; booth materials and kegs will not be allowed on the bus!)

The bus will leave from Minneapolis and aim to arrive in Duluth at the Great Lakes Aquarium lot between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. After the fest, it will leave at 7:30 p.m. and return to Minneapolis around 11 p.m. Note that times are approximate.

There are 50 seats on the bus. If demand is high enough, early enough, we may be able to add more buses. Full details are on the ticket page. The access code for the ticket will be sent out in member emails and in the member Facebook group. Note: The code is an access code that reveals hidden tickets. It is not a discount code.


Hotel Room Blocks – Please Book ASAP!

These hotel room blocks are an effort by the Guild to help members find accommodations for All Pints North. You are not required to book within the block. If you find other accommodations that work better for you and your team, please feel free to book those. However, we do recommend booking as soon as possible, because rooms will sell out very quickly.

Most room blocks have a deadline around the beginning of June. We had suggested booking your room over the winter; if you haven’t booked yet, you should do so now!

Please note: An 8,000-person festival is scheduled in Duluth for the same weekend as All Pints North. No other weekends were available for the fest. This means hotels will be more expensive and will sell out much earlier than usual. It will be very challenging to get hotels for All Pints North if you wait.

If you have staff that are traveling from the Twin Cities metro area to Duluth, another option is to purchase staff bus tickets instead of hotel rooms. See the “Member Tickets and Staff Bus Info” section of this page.

Pier B Resort (Ends June 11)
10 rooms – 2 Queen – Thursday/Friday/Saturday – $347 per night
5 rooms – 1 King – Thursday/Friday/Saturday – $347 per night
To book:  (218) 481-8888 (press 1)
Refer to block number 182093

The Suites Hotel at Waterfront Plaza (Ends at Noon on June 27)
2 rooms – Studio Queen – $229 Thursday, $259 Friday/Saturday
3 rooms – 1 King – $249 Thursday, $279 Friday/Saturday
To book: 218-727-4663
Refer to All Pints North – Vendors Only

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Duluth North (Ends June 27)
15 rooms – 2 Queen – $189 Thursday, $259 Friday/Saturday
To book: 218 722 0909
Refer to the All Pints North Block

Holiday Inn & Suites Duluth Downtown (Ends June 27)
20 rooms – 2 Queen – $189 Thursday, $239 Friday/Saturday
To book: 218 722 1202
Refer to the All Pints North Block

Days Inn Duluth Lakewalk (Ends June 27)
10 rooms – 2 Queen – $169 Thursday, $269 Friday/Saturday
To book: (218) 728-5141
Refer to All Pints North 2023

Fairfield Inn & Suites Duluth Waterfront (Ends June 27)
8 rooms – 2 beds – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – $389
2 rooms – King – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – $389
To book: (218)722-6001
Refer to All Pints North

Canal Park Lodge
7 rooms – 2 Queen – $389 Friday/Saturday
2 rooms – 2 Queen Balcony – $389 Friday/Saturday
6 rooms – 2 Queen Lake View – $389 Friday/Saturday
To book: 218-279-6000
Refer to MN Craft Brewers Guild

Sheraton Duluth Hotel FULLY BOOKED
5 rooms Thursday, 10 rooms Friday/Saturday – $229 per night
>> Book Using This Link

Park Point Marina Inn (Ended May 26)
5 rooms – 2 Queen Land View – $235 Thursday, $319 Friday, $369 Saturday
5 rooms – 2 Queen Harbor View – $275 Thursday, $369 Friday, $429 Saturday
To book: 218-491-7111
Refer to All Pints North


Begin Uploading Your Beer List Today!

Attendees at Guild festivals are excited to explore Minnesota craft beer. One of the most common requests we’ve gotten is to connect our beer list to Untappd so that attendees could rate fest beers and refer back to them after the festival. We did this for the first time at Autumn Brew Review last year, and it was a hit!

This will be our first time partnering with Untappd for the All Pints North beer list. Do you have flagship beers that you know will be at APN? You can enter those beers now, then re-submit the form later to update the list once you finalize what you’re bringing.

Note: THC/CBD beverages cannot be poured at All Pints North due to current legal restrictions. 

Why Should I Upload Our Beers?

In addition to the feedback you’ll receive from the ratings and reviews during the fest, listing your beers in the festival beer list also provides your brewery and beers with promotion before, during, and after the festival.

Pre-Fest: Having the beer list early allows ticketholders to browse all the selections and note which beers they want to try. Influencers and beer blogs also refer to the beer list as they promote the fest, so having your beers listed increases the chances that you’ll be mentioned.

The earlier, the better! The sooner you share your fest beers with us, the sooner attendees will be able to see you. Untappd gets 20,000 users each month in the metro alone, and we’re promoting our fest to all of them!

At the Fest: Attendees will be able to share drinks, ratings, and photos in real-time with their friends in the app, increasing your brand awareness much further than just the attendees of the festival.

Post-Fest: The festival beer list will be available indefinitely, and attendees will be able to refer back to their ratings and photos as long as they keep their account. This increases your exposure well past the festival date!

How Does It Work?
Once your beers are in Untappd, and you’ve filled out the beer list form, Untappd creates an All Pints North beer list. (See last year’s Autumn Brew Review list to get an idea of what it looks like.) Anyone visiting our Untappd page will be able to see what you’re bringing to APN, and when they try your beers, they’ll be able to rate them right in the app.

All Our Beers Are Already in Untappd. Do We Need To Use the Form?
Yes! Submitting your beers to our form is the only way to get your beers on our festival app. By submitting the form, Untappd can connect your existing beer to our festival list.

Should We Submit Our NA Product Too?
Yes! NA beverages can also be loaded into the submission form and Untappd menu. This way, attendees can try your NA product at our booth AND at your booth, for maximum reach!

Will Attendees Have to Download Untappd for This to Work?
No. Our festival page will be viewable in a browser. (See last year’s Autumn Brew Review list to get an idea of what it looks like.) Attendees will not need to download an app or have an account to use it; however, an account will be needed if they want to rate/review your beers in the app.

What if My Brewery Doesn’t Have an Untappd Account?
No problem! Just claim your brewery to create a free Untappd account.

What if We Have Special Releases, Timed Releases, etc?
The Untappd app allows us to schedule your special release as an event at our festival, with a push notification to all of the fest’s Untappd users.

I Have Another Question!
Please email the Guild Events Coordinator Lindsey. This is only our second time using Untappd for our beer list, so we want to make sure it’s providing a better promotional experience for you!


All Pints North typically sells out every year and brings over 4,000 people together on the shore of Lake Superior. Attendees love trying samples from new-to-them breweries, chatting with brewers, owners, and fellow attendees about craft beer, and supporting a robust Minnesota craft brewing industry.

How the Guild Promotes the Fest (And You!)

Pouring at the festival is a great way for your brewery to get exposure to the public before, during, and after the fest. With our full brewery list on the ticketing page as well as the festival page, we aim to promote member breweries and brewpubs as much as possible through:

  • Radio promotions
  • Social media posts and Facebook event
  • Newsletters
  • Digital ads
  • Partnerships and sponsorships
  • Press releases
  • And more!

Upload Your Beer List

Attendees love browsing the beer list and making notes of what breweries they want to visit and what beers they want to try. Having the beer list early is a great way for us to help promote both you and the fest! Please learn more and upload your beers here.

Alert Your Social Media Followers!

Help spread the word! Tell your followers that you’ll see them at APN, and share the APN ticket page in case they want to attend the fest. Use the hashtag #AllPintsNorth when posting – and remember to tag the Guild so we can share it to our followers as well!

When members posts about the fest, it helps promote not only the fest but also fellow brewery and brewpub members, increasing awareness about the variety and quality of craft beer statewide.

Use the images below for your posts or stories.

MNCBG All Pints North 2023 Logo
2 (1)
3 (2)
7 (1)

Answers to FAQs

Can we still register?
We cannot accept late registrations at this time; we are at capacity at the festival. Please email Lindsey if you’d like to be on the waitlist in case another member is unable to attend.

When will we receive fest details?
All planning info we usually provide via emails to fest main contacts will live on this page. Click to open each tab on this page to learn more. Each time we add more details, we will email your festival main contact with a notification. Timing for new updates is as follows:
1) Initial Planning Details – late May/early June
2) Full Fest Details – late June
3) Final Reminder – week before fest

Will there be help unloading my kegs/prepping my booth on Friday and Saturday?
No. Your staff is responsible for loading/unloading your kegs from the Reefer Truck and setting up your booth. Please bring all people/carts/gear needed.

How much space will we have?
Unless you are a Creative Booth, you have a 10×10 designated space at the festival. You can set up within this space however you like, but please do not bring additional 10×10 tents or other decor/materials that impact your neighboring tents. Creative Booths have a 20×20 space.

How do attendees find us/our beer?
The festival map will be available in the fest program at entry, via the QR code placed throughout the fest, and in the APN Untappd app. The beer list will be within the Apn Untappd app, which will be linked in the QR code throughout the fest.

Can we bring THC products?
No. THC cannot be sampled or sold at APN.

Can we pour non-beer beverages at our booth?
Yes! You are welcome to pour samples of NA beverages, hard seltzers, cider, etc. in addition to beer.


Festival Terms & Conditions

Please read the APN Terms and Conditions below and our General Event Terms and Conditions and save them for your records. When you registered, you should also have received an email titled “APN Registration: For Your Records” that includes this information as well.

Space Reservation:
Reservations for exhibit space at this event will be accepted upon submission of this form. The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild shall endeavor to assign exhibition space that best suits the layout at the event site, subject to availability. We reserve the right, and have sole discretion, to assign exhibition space in accordance with overall effectiveness for the event. Brewery/brewpubs may not assign or sublease their space to any person or entity.

Brewery/brewpub participation in All Pints North 2023 is contingent on active MNCBG membership status and up-to-date membership dues. The MNCBG reserves the right to terminate brewery/brewpub booth reservation and reopen brewery/brewpub booth space availability to other interested MNCBG members if your membership is not active.

Set-up, Staffing & Tear-down:
All Pints North is open to guests from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Saturday, July 29, 2023. Brewery/brewpub must be set up and ready to serve early-entry guests by 3:00 PM; General Admission will open at 3:30. There will be designated setup times on both Friday and on Saturday morning, so please see the Festival Prep page for details.

Brewery/brewpub exhibit must be staffed during all active hours; in no instance can a booth be left unattended. No brewery/brewpub will be able to leave before the official end of the event at 7:00 PM. Breweries/brewpubs must be moved out no later than 8:00 PM.

Breweries/brewpubs are responsible for communicating all requirements for participation to the staff that will be working the festival, including set-up/tear-down policies. Brewery booths that do not abide by festival rules may be removed from the festival and barred from future festivals. 

Care of Exhibit:
Brewery/brewpub is responsible for the orderly presentation of their exhibit and for cleaning within their exhibition space. Brewery/brewpub is also responsible for booth cleanup at the end of the festival.

Alcohol Samples:
Alcohol samples must come into the event with an invoice from a licensed brewery, brewpub, or distributor indicating that the alcohol samples are for the specific MNCBG event. 

Beverage Rules:
Every brewery/brewpub sampling beverages must comply with all governmental regulations (including Federal/State/County/City/Town health departments) concerning the storage, preparation and distribution of beverage items. Additionally, such brewery/brewpub must provide a hand-washing station in their booth or supply booth workers with rubber gloves and require them to be worn at all times that a worker may handle open beverages. Individual servings must not exceed 2 ounces of beverage.

Brewery/brewpub may only distribute free samples of a beverage that is made or sold in the ordinary course of business of that brewery/brewpub. MNCBG reserves the right to terminate the distribution of any sample should it be in violation of Federal/State/County/City/Town laws relating to food-and-beverage handling or if deemed necessary for public safety reasons.

THC cannot be sampled or sold at APN in 2023.

If a MNCBG event or any part of a MNCBG event is canceled or rescheduled, under no circumstances shall MNCBG be liable for costs or damages incurred by brewery/brewpub as a result of such cancellation or rescheduling, whether due to cause(s) beyond or within the control of MNCBG.

Code of Conduct:
Discrimination, intolerance, harassment, or violence of any kind will not be tolerated within our organization, membership, or events. Attendees, volunteers, or event staff who create an unsafe environment for others may be removed from the event at the discretion of the event organizers. Please read our MNCBG Code of Conduct. A reporting tool will be made available to all attendees, staff, and volunteers at the festival via QR code/link in the fest program, app, and signage.

Photography, Audio and Video:
By signing this contract, brewery/brewpub grants MNCBG permission to photograph and/or record audio and/or video of brewery/brewpub exhibit and staff, both inside and outside of the brewery/brewpub booth, and to interview brewery/brewpub or their staff about this MNCBG event. Brewery/brewpub grants MNCBG a perpetual nonexclusive license to use this content containing brewery/brewpubs likenesses and/or statements in all MNCBG products in print and online, in promotional materials, and in audio and video advertising.

Please note: The only legitimate communications about All Pints North will come directly from the Guild. Occasionally, scammers will find event brewery lists and send phishing emails to breweries posing as the organizer or a related third-party. If you see one of these emails, DO NOT click or reply.

The Guild never sells brewery or attendee contact information to any party.